We geelong company produce different kinds of block making machine including the cement brick making machine,concrete brick making machine,soil interlocking brick making machine,concrete mixer and other constroduction machine.we not only provide
good quality machine ,we also provide good service.we think machine quality is basic,good service is also important.our service including pre-sale service and after-service.

1,clients visiting factory and check mahcine quality.we provide best Reception service
2,we have a professional quality inspection team.after machine is finished,we test the machine working performance.before machine is loaded into container,we inspect machine each part.guarantee machine meet quality and client’s requirement.


After sales support is also key to ensure our valued clients have access to the support, advice and parts they need.after-service includes on-site training,installation and maintenace.
1,on-site training
One of the most important core components of after-service is training. We have a number of skilled, trained and qualified engineer with a variety of experience who are able to provide comprehensive services to all our clients across the globe. Through our Training client will be able to achieve the highest quality blocks and structures.

<< Large groups can be trained at one time << Training helps to get correct materials proporation for production << Set-up of machine production fundation << Construction of a demonstration unit on your site 2,installation our engineer also install the machine to guarantee block machine running the same time. 3,maintenace all machine warranty is 12 months.during this time,spare part is provided for free. our engineer train your engineer how to maintan the block machine.especially daily maintance.and some common problem how to be solved.

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