cement block making machine qmy4-30a

This type cement block making machine is small one and it is suitable in small investment.it can produce 4 pcs hollow blocks (8inch/400*200*200mm)per cycle.
its capacity can be up to 4000pcs per 8 hours.although it is small,but it also have the hydraulic system and vibration,so the brick has good strength.
qmy4-30a hollow block making machine use cement,sand,crusher stone and other construction waste as raw material.it produce the different shapes and size concrete hollow blocks and solid blocks by change the mold.
one worker operate this QMY4-30A block making machine and one worker operate the mixer and load the concrete into the block machine.about production site only need about 600m2.
QMY4-30a is suitable for the family business and small investment plant.
QMY4-30A is the small type of mobile hollow block making machine,we also provide QMY10-15,QMY6-25 big capacity mobile block machine.
cement block making machine specification:

diameter 1500*1300*1100mm
pressure 12~14MPa
molding type hydraulic vibration
quantity per mold400*200*200/4pcs
machine power4KW
machine weight 880Kg
machine capacity3840/8h
oil box volume10.6L
vibration methodmold vibration
move methodElectric walking, manual steering

cement block making machine photo:

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