concrete block making machine QT8-15C made in china

QT8-15C is a medium full automatic concrete block making machine production line.
1,this machine adopts unique mandatory 360 degree rotation material distribution system.
2,it adopts the advanced four balance low-frequency vibration,low noise,fast material distribution,so the bricks has more stable and perfect.
3,DELTA PLC / MITSUBISHI PLC intelligent control system,it adopts data transmission device, and the control system is attached with security logic device and fault diagnosis system, and remote control function
4,there are several rows of mixing forks in the material distribution box,that can solve the difficult material distribution problem when producing the porous holes bricks completely.
5,the hydraulic motor vibration system,the vibration frequency and vibration strength is adjustable according to different bricks vibration that can guarantee brick good strength and quality.
6,multi-purpose brick making machine, it can produce all kinds of hollow bricks,porous hollow bricks,paving bricks,grass-planting tiles and other types bricks by changing the mould.
7,SCHNEIDER brand electricity components, Siemens brand motor or ABB motor,the Omron brand sensor,good quality spare parts guarantee good machine quality and good running.
8,the quick production speed,molding cycle is about 12-20seconds.

uncless the QT8-15C brick making machine, we also can provide the QT10-15 ,QT4-15 and QT4-26…..

Dimension4120 * 162 0* 2900 mm
Hydraulic systemYes
Production capacity8pcs (400*200*200mm)pcs per mould
Main vibrationPlatform vibration
Vibration power sourceHydraulic motor vibration system
Motor brandSiemens or ABB brand motor
Exciting Force100kn
Pallet Size1000*900mm
Molding Cycle12-20 (s)
Overall Power28 .25kw
Related pressure25mpa
Raw Materialscrushed stone, sand, cement, dust and coal fly ash, cinder, slag, gangue, gravel, perlite, and other industrial wastes.
Applied Productsconcrete blocks, solid/hollow/cellular masonry products, paving stones with or without face mix, garden and landscaping products, slabs, edgers, kerbstones, grass blocks, slope blocks, interlocking blocks, etc.
Applied Fieldswidely used in buildings, road pavers, squares, gardens, landscaping, city constructions, etc.
WeightAbout 106000kg

concrete block making machine
concrete block making machine
concrete block making machine
ncrete block making machine
concrete block making machine

QT8-15C description

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