concrete mixing plant,concrete mixing machine

HZS90 concrete mixing plant The device is a set of material storage, measurement, stirring in one of the large concrete mixing equipment, productivity theory is 90m no / h, the host supporting the JS1500 mixing console, concrete unloading height is 3.8m, can be various types of concrete mixing, is especially suitable for the mixing of dry hard concrete, medium scale application of the above construction, water, electricity, roads, ports, piers, bridges and other construction projects and large and medium-sized parts plant and concrete production plant.
The equipment storage silo with “a” shaped arrangement, loading machine feeding, can store four kinds of aggregate, aggregate metering on the ground, a good measurement of the material for the flat belt and inclined belt sent to the roof of the aggregate storage hopper in that aggregate hopper can aggregate a metering tank storage. According to user needs, the powder material mixing system can be equipped with three cement silo, a powder coal ash silo, three kinds of powder material respectively by the screw conveyor to the measurement bucket. Water, liquid pump to the metering hopper in admixture. Microcomputer control. Electronic scale measurement, the measurement accuracy, the error is small. With the screen display, the ratio of storage, automatic compensation, the fall of the water content of sand and gravel compensation and other functions (sand moisture content measurement instrument need to be alone), and with a manual system, can realize the mixing process of manual, automatic control. In addition, the device is also equipped with a printing system, monitoring system, to achieve centralized control of the entire device, the overall management.
we also can produce HZS50,HZS120….different size concrete mixing plant.
the concrete mixing plant also can be equipped with the block making machine.

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