Cellular Light weight Concrete block making machine,foam concrete block making machine

this is foam concrete block making machine and cellular lightweight concrete block making machine.it use foam concrete as material to produce the interlocking blocks for building the house.compared the traditional concrete hollow blocks and fired soil blocks,this foam concrete block is light weight and low cost.more and more higher building house use this kind of blocks because its light weight and good quality.
this foam concrete block making machine has many advantages:
1, lightweight and high strength, reduce the building load: dry block density of 320-1200kg / m³, its density only is 1/5-1/8 of the ordinary concrete block density.
2, good insulation and good sound insulation performance: the thermal conductivity is 0.06-0.16w / m.k, sound insulation volume of 24cm thick wall is 58dB, that meet the insulation and sound insulation requirement of outer wall and partition wall .
3, good compression performance: compression pressure is greater than 0.5Mpa, the maximum strength can be up to 10.5Mpa or more.
4, good  earthquake resistant behaviour: As the foam concrete block is a porous material, with a low modulus of elasticity, so that the foam blocks has Good absorption and dispersion for the vibration and shock .at the while the foam concrete block is lighter, effectively reduce the the loading volume of the building, the smaller the loading of the building, the stronger the seismic capacity.
5, no cracking, long life time : foam concrete block does not appear cracking phenomenon, good anti-aging performance, long service life.
6, good water resistance: foam concrete material water absorption is less than 10%, significantly different from other wall insulation materials.

uncless the foam concrete block making machine,we also produce the concrete block making machine,cement block making machine,soil brick making machine.each machine has many models,from manual to automatic and small to big.
please contact us to get the suitable block machine for your project.


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2 thoughts on “Cellular Light weight Concrete block making machine,foam concrete block making machine

  1. Iam interested in a mobile cement with foam interlocking block machine ,for hollow blocks where possible…

    I would also like to know the available block sizes.



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