interlocking brick machine,interlocking block machine GLF4-10

GLF4-10 automatic interlocking brick machine produces 4 pcs interlocking bricks per time and 11520pcs per day.
so it is the biggest ,interlocking block machine at present market which produce the soil interlocking bricks.
GLF4-10 need at least 4 staffs,one is responsible for the soil crusher,one is responsible for the raw material mixer and 2 are responsible for picking up the interlocking bricks.
GLF4-10 is controled by the PLC automatic program and hydraulic system.

interlocking brick machine specification

diameter 2260*1500*2100mm
rated power 11kw
rated pressure 31.5Mpa
molding cycle 10 seconds
molding metyhod hydraulic pressure
workers4 staffs(for the whole line)
mixer modelJS500 mixer
brick quantity per mold4pcs per time
quantity per day11520pcs(8 hours)
Componentssoil crusher,soil screen ,mixer and conveyor belt

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machine video:

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