manual brick making machine hydraulic type C25

this manual brick making machine C25 is with hydraulic system,so it can produce the hollow bricks and paving bricks.
the paving bricks require the high pressure,so the brick making machine must have hydraulic system.
C25 brick making machine only need the mixer,the machine can operate.and it doesn’t need any other equipment.
c25 need 1 people operate it and the whole machine running need at least 3 peoples.

Stationary block machine mod. C 25
Technical specifications:
1,Stationary block machine with electro-hydraulic controls;
2,Delivery on pallet: different pallet height allowed.
3.1st quality hydraulic system with adjustable pressure, oil and air filter, double control valve (mould and press).
4,Oversized frame and components for a durable investment.
5,Strong and straight guide to perform high quality products.
6.Power board with low tension controls, general switch, emergency button.
7.Powerful rotational electric vibrator with adjustable centrifugal force.
8.Delivery board stops are independent from the vibrating desk to ensure the optimal transfer of vibration and compression to concrete in the mould.
9.Hydraulic compression, hydraulic stripping with torsion bar.
10.Manual scraping device and exeeding material box.
11.Extremely simple to operate and maintain.
C25 is packed almost ready to work for a fast set up and immediate start.
MAXIMUM MOULD SIZE: cm 53x53xh25
Number of blocks per drop:
cm 10x40xh20 = 5
cm 15x40xh20 = 3
cm 20x40xh20 = 2

Cycles per hour: 60-70
Maximum block height: cm 20 (on demand cm 25)
Minimum block height: cm 5
Wood pallet size: cm 58x58xh4,5
Bucket capacity: No bucket

manual brick making machine
manual brick making machine
manual brick making machine
manual brick making machine

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